My dear friends, it is time to talk about the "non-release" of Modularium.

I finished the album last summer and the label has got it since September 2013. The release was planned for 22th of November. It was postponed once to 6th of December but it was not a problem.

Then the release date changed many times without explanation. January passed with music magazines promoting an album that does not exist.

Finally the label broke the silence at the end of February, explained its problems and assured me that Modularium would be released in March.

It's April now, still no release nor news. Till now the release date has been postponed a dozen times.

I must be clear here: the delay itself is not the main problem. If the label had clearly announced a release in 2014, it would have been ok. I can understand and respect problems. But successive cancellations, broken promises and silence have ruined this release. Above all it broke my trust in this label.

As we didn't sign a new clear agreement for this album I demanded an official cancellation of the release to stop this insane and "suicidal" story for good. But the label ignores it and don't communicate anymore. Modularium still appears in its catalog, sometimes as available, mostly in "pre- order". Of course it's useless trying to order it: the CD does not exist.

Except a new deal, if the label finally releases the album on its side at the current conditions, it will be against my will and at my expense so I'll act accordingly.

Of course there are more tragic things in the world than not releasing a CD album, even if it took three years of work and that I have a heavy heart. Close people know how much time, energy and even more I invest in this project. Oil 10 is a great deal of my life.

I wish to thank all of you who supported me during these long months of sterile and stressful waiting. Many of you questionned me, but how to explain the situation when you don't really know what will happen or not ? I hope to have the opportunity to thank you with music in a near future.